Could this be the most unusual school trip ever?

Look what three hundred Dutch children did on a school trip to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport this month:

I know that this is a marketing exercise by KLM but what a fantastic thing they’ve done for those kids. The only school trip I can remember from my Primary years is when we went to a bird sanctuary. I forget the birds but I do know that it rained all day and we shivered as we ate our packed lunches standing up in our raincoats in a cramped, steamed-up room. We had to fill in a worksheet about the birds. It wasn’t fun.

At my small town Comprehensive secondary school things improved. Once a year a procession of coaches would take all three hundred or so children in my year group to London. We’d be deposited by one of the museums and given worksheets to fill in. I don’t remember actually going in to any of the museums but I know we’d fill in our worksheets as quickly as we could and then dodge our teachers to head for the shops. Especially Harrods, where my friends and I would hunt for something we could afford to buy because we coveted their swish green carrier bags.

My children go on much more exciting school trips than I ever did – they both have Spanish language trips this year and my son’s class recently built some Anderson shelters at a local farm – but nothing like the Dutch children’s trip in the video. I reckon those children will remember their experience with KLM for years to come – and I bet they didn’t even have to fill in a worksheet.

This post is sponsored by KLM.

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