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Kennedy Space Center rocket launchThis is a weekly Linky to share your posts on family days out with children.

This week we were lucky enough to be at the Kennedy Space Center to see a rocket launch. We sat on the grass behind some retired rockets, which felt surreal. There was a laid-back, friendly crowd of us waiting for lift off, peering into the distance at dusk. At 8.29pm, right on time, the unmanned rocket blasted into the sky and we all cheered and watched the orange glow expand and receed, leaving a weighty vapour trail in its wake. It made me feel small, but hopeful, and I was pleased to be there. The youngest enjoyed it too: ‘What time’s the next one?’ he asked, as the vapour trail faded. I fear he’s been ruined by Walt Disney World firework displays.

There’s loads to do at the NASA complex, and I imagine you could easily spend a day there. We went just for the evening, as we wanted to see the launch. This meant we didn’t see everything as on launch days the bus tours which take you around the Center aren’t available. We loved the Atlantis exhibit, where you can see the actual space shuttle and there are some fabulous interactive areas: the astronauts’ space toilet was popular, and I was amused to see that there’s an astronaut badge for those who qualify – this reminded me of my days as a Brownie. We didn’t fancy the space launch simulator as we’d just eaten. The kids were impressed when two real, live astronauts appeared next to Atlantis and started talking about the space shuttle. Everyone gathered around and gazed at them. ‘They’re a bit like the princesses at Disney World’, remarked the eldest. Indeed they were, but with rounder tummies and greyer hair.

Family travel lowdown: When we went, tickets for the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex cost $40 for adults, $30 for children. We were given two tickets.

So, have you had any good days out with the kids recently? I’d love you to join in with the Family Days Linky below and share your experience. The Linky will close on Thursday evening and then another will open next Friday. It’s a great place to look for inspiration for days out too – click on the links at the end of the weekly Family Days posts (from this and previous weeks) to see what families have been up to. This is how to take part:

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