Ötzi house. Copyright Gretta Schifano

Ötzi Dorf Stone Age village, Austria

Ötzi Dorf is a recreation of a neolithic village in the unspoilt Ötztal valley in the Austrian Tirol. The open-air museum was inspired by the discovery of the body of a prehistoric man frozen in the mountains … Read more...

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Pool at La Truvatura. Copyright Gretta Schifano

Staying with HouseTrip in Sicily

For the last week of our family trip to Sicily in August we booked a place by the sea with HouseTrip and it worked really well for us. Sampieri The property we booked is in the far south of the island in a … Read more...

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Sunset from the MSC Preziosa. Copyright Gretta Schifano

The spa on board the MSC Preziosa

Recently I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my daughter. This is her review of the spa treatments we enjoyed while on board. Guest post by Izzy  Schifano, age 15. Aboard the MSC Preziosa, the … Read more...

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Things to do in…

ArcelorMittal Orbit from below. Image courtesy of ArcelorMittal Orbit

Top 10 things to do with kids in London

If you’re going to be in London at any point this summer with your kids there are loads of great things for you to do. Here are my top 10  suggestions - do you have any to add? What are your favourite things to … Read more...

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Beach cleaning by kayak, NT Stackpole, Wales. Copyright Gretta Schifano.

Family volunteering holidays

Volunteering holidays are increasingly popular with everyone from gap year students to retired people but family volunteering holidays can also be a great option. The best volunteering trips work to support the … Read more...

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